Smart software to get your business off the ground.

Squadron can create the software you need to establish and grow your business.

We work with entreprenuers, start-ups and businesses of all sizes to develop the tools you need to succeed.

Whether your challenge is content managment, mobile apps, cloud services or something completely unqiue, we have the skills to transform your business.

We can introduce the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence to your data and processes.

If you have a data set from which you need to extract more value, or a set of activities you wish to analyse and glean insight from, then Squadron can help.

What is the best service to choose? Which hardware choices represent the best value? Which platform will help my business grow?

Squadron helps you make the right choices and keep abreast of the latest technology developments. Whether it's the first step on your startup journey or you're growing rapidly, you need impartial advice from an experienced partner.

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